Dragon’s Nest

I’ve been experimenting with adding fantastical figures to the top of eggs.

Dragon’s have a mystical, magical, fiercely protective imagery associated with them, and of course a dragon’s most valuable treasure to protect is it’s nest.

I executed the dragon using hand made colored clay, and a clear glaze on the surface. Dragons are seen all over the world, but European dragons have wings. This dragon was modeled after one guarding the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

On the egg is applied a crystal glaze. To attain crystals on the surface of the egg, the kiln needs to be slow cooled after reaching peak temperature, allowing time for the crystals to grow. The results are unique to each firing, as crystal glazes involve a bit of serendipity. Both the dragon, egg and base are high fired ceramic.

Close-up of dragon
Side view
Back view
Close-up of glaze crystals on egg

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